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welcome to another episode of the Software Engineering Snippet. This week’s app highlight was the initial release of the Corona- Warn-App frontend source code. The app contains some beautiful screens and seems to be easy to use. If you are interested in further details about the app, then check my previous newsletter editions.

My Favourite Things This Week

1 – Corona-Warn-App – SAP developers published the first part of the user interface of the new Corona-Warn-App for Germany. Beautiful screens are shown on the initial screenshots. The app looks really nice and well implemented.

Corona-Warn-App: Wichtige Meilensteine in der Entwicklung abgeschlossen/ Big development milestones completed

Es ist jetzt schon ein paar Tage her, seit ich das letzte Mal über die neuesten Entwicklungen zur
Corona-Warn-App informiert habe. In den vergangenen Tagen haben wir wieder einige wichtige Projektmeilensteine erreicht. www.linkedin.com

Chaos Computer Club (CCC) postet a list of minimal privacy requirements for a contact tracing app. SAP has reviewed it and published the result of their investigations.

cwa-documentation/pruefsteine.md at master · corona-warn-app/cwa- documentation

Project overview, general documentation, and white papers. – corona-warn-app/cwa-documentation. github.com

2 – Software Testing – The last days, I looked into testing strategies for my latest backend implementation. This reminded me of a great conference talk about Automated Testing Strategies for Microservices; presented by Florian Biesinger, Spotify.

3 – Remote Work – During the last 12 weeks, most of us are working from their home office. Many content is published, trying to optimize our remote working possibilities. Martin Fowler published a helpful text about How to do effective video calls.

4 – Design – I came across the Diagrams app. It seems such a useful web app to draw cloud systems architecture diagrams.

Quote of the Week

Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. — Winston Churchill

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